Rabu, 16 Maret 2011

Premium Sumatran Arabica

Coffee Harvest , Luwak Style

To some degree Kopi Luwak's exquisite taste is a result of precise picking of only the perfect berries off the Arabica coffee plant, at exactly the right stage of their maturity.

The other reason is the unique processing those berries go through: the luwaks digestive tract! But wait there is more! lots more.

Now before you find yourself vowing never, ever to drink coffee processed like this…let us explain.

When it comes to harvesting, we humans can only use our eyes to select a ripened fruit that an expert would determine to be just right for high-grade, premium quality Arabica coffee. There are important contributing factors inside the berry, as well, which humans simply can not detect. Human taste can, to some degree, test the acidity, but those who actually harvest coffee berries do not taste each and every one. The luwak, armed with his ultra-sensitive smell, gets it right every time. Basically, coffee picking humans are no match against the expertise of the Luwak.

Once the Luwak has ingested the ripe berries, a "100% Natural" process begins.

The intestinal enzymes and juices of the Luwak are a perfect mix to digest the flesh of the cherry, but not digest the coffee bean itself. Instead, the enzymes penetrate the husk just enough to remove any bitterness from the bean – leaving an almost perfectly processed 100% natural coffee bean.

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